Christmas at Poppet and Me

Its beginning to feel a little bit festive!

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Christmas at Poppet and Me

Wow, the months have been ticking by and the kids are reminding me every day, (as they eat their chocolate advent before breakfast) how close we are to Christmas now.

Scary isnt it, when you’re a parent……to be responsible for ‘Christmas’ in your house, whether its a success or not is entirely down to you….no pressure then, time to get organised me thinks!




Here at Poppet and Me we are always thinking of things to make life a little easier for our customers, as we reflect on our own busy lives as parents, running a business and managing a home we try and find ways to make our customers lives a little easier with our collections of great gifts, so that they can shop online in one place.

This year is the first we have put our focus into Xmas presents for teachers, because where there are children there are always a handful of nursery staff, childminders and teaching staff to thank at the end of the school term. I hear lots of talk at the school gates about what to buy for this amazing group of people and so this year we have come up with some very cool gift ideas that we have sourced from one of our favourite brands. We hope that this range should give you some food for thought! With a contemporary style, our token gifts of thanks are perfect for little ones to hand out as Xmas gifts to special teaching staff and carers, and they wont weigh too heavy on your purse strings either.

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Take a look at our full range of teacher gifts here


Special teacher Christmas gift ideas


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