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Fair Trade, can we really make a difference?

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I really love stories, about people and places, it amazes me how closely our lives impact each other, through the things we do and say and the choices we make. With my own three children one thing is for sure, I want to believe that they have a chance to be exactly what they want to be in life. They should be able to grow and thrive, and to achieve something great. We are lucky because the country we live in, pretty much allows us to do that. If we work hard, hopefully the reward will be to achieve what we want and for now at least, my children believe that too. We don’t really have to think too much about whether our children can have a good education and get a job. We know that ultimately they will be paid fairly for what they do, they can live well, and if they ever need it, they can visit a doctor, dentist, nurse or hospital and expect the best care and attention possible. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without those basic fundamentals, the things we take for granted but which are so important to us.

When looking for new suppliers we always want to know the story behind the brand. A little while ago we were lucky enough to stumble across a fabulous collection of toys. Instantly we could see that the quality was amazing, the colours were stunning and each of the toys were incredibly detailed and tactile. When we found out how and where the toys were made, we knew that this was going to be exciting for our store, a brand we could believe in, and one which has a great story to tell. Hathy Bunano creates our beautiful Pebble soft toys, rattles and knitted blankets. They have worked so incredibly hard to create an amazing ethical company, and have recently achieved the full WFTO Fair Trade Certified status. They can proudly say that they are the only crochet and knitted toys in the World that are guaranteed Fair Trade and we are so very proud to be able to sell them in our shop.

Fair trade means so much more than being paid fairly, when a company has the backing of the WFTO as our Pebble range does, it means that they also ensure their people have access to the facilities that we take so much for granted. Pebble toys are created by women in rural Bangla. It is fantastic to know that these women are being paid fairly, enabling them to support their families, keeping their families together in the local area, and that they have access to education and healthcare. We are so pleased that we are able to sell their gorgeous toys and accessories to our customers. Each time one of our fair trade toys is purchased, they will know that it has been created by hand, by women who are being given fair opportunities to live well in life as we do. Ultimately our Pebble crochet and knitted toys are helping women out of poverty, and that’s guaranteed Fair Trade.

No matter how small we think we are, we really can make a difference, each and every one of us can.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy sending our Fair Trade gifts to your special little people as much as we have enjoyed finding them for you.


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